Tempt your taste buds with an endless array of baked delights cooked only with the freshest ingredients and your health in mind.


Our Heritage

Ennsvalley Bakery was founded in 1984 by a Swiss master baker with a passion for traditional bread recipes.

We pride ourselves in more than three decades of making tasty and healthy breads, rolls and pastries that still strictly follows Schneider’s choice of traditional recipes.

Now in the same stable as one of our favourite brands, Unga, we have over the years increased our baked product range to the current 150 to suit your changing and growing preferences, tastes and occasions.

With consistent product development and research; our team of bakers is continuously looking to make your experience unforgettable with new ideas.

Unga Group Plc

Unga Group Plc is a Kenya-based holding company that has a majority shareholding in companies involved with the manufacture and marketing of a broad range of human nutrition, animal nutrition and animal health products.

Unga Group Plc entered into a strategic investment partnership with US-based Seaboard Corporation in 2000 to form Unga Holdings Limited in which Unga Group Plc owns 65% and Seaboard Corporation 35%.

Unga Holdings Limited’s subsidiaries include Unga Limited, Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited, Ennsvalley Bakery Limited and Unga Millers (U) Limited. Over 90% of the company’s revenue is derived from Kenya with the remainder attributed to sales in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Unga Limited, one of Kenya’s oldest companies, was established in 1908 with the aim of serving the milling needs of the fledging wheat growing industry in the Rift Valley region. The first mill was commissioned in April 1909. Subsequent expansion resulted in additional investments in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Today, Unga Holdings Limited has operating production facilities in Nairobi, Nakuru and Eldoret.

Unga’s Vision - "Nutrition for Life-will direct the company’s future growth towards a portfolio of diversified value-added products in Eastern Africa and beyond."

Our Market

Our bakery serves Kenya’s rapidly growing middle class population. We have kept long standing ties with discerning customers through our expansive reach;

  • Major supermarket chains across Kenya
  • Major hotels and restaurants
  • Airlines
  • Embassies
  • Schools
  • United Nations
  • Government Institutions
  • Fast Food Chains

With a daily production capacity of over 40,000 units, Ennsvalley is continuously looking for more distribution points and customers to serve.

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Our Product


Your Healthy Baker: Healthy product options to suit all types of tastes

At Ennsvalley, we take pride knowing that our more than 150 baked products are the centrepieces of your most treasured occasions and special gifts to those you wish the very best. We lead the way in setting unmatched standards in product quality and healthy options for the Kenyan Market. From traditional bread to sweet options and savoury bites alongside a fantastic new range of cakes and muffins, our products are so good.

Ennsvalley has a solution for all palates and nutritional needs

We use quality ingredients like whole grain flour and whole seeds, to not just to create a tasty loaf but also because of the goodness they offer:

  • Higher dietary fibre per serving to meet your daily nutritional needs – which helps keep your digestive system strong and consistent
  • Higher essential nutrients per serving – helping you meet your daily needs with natural healthy options
  • Whole grains have lower absorption rates and therefore sustain the body for longer
  • The goodness in the grains helps reduces the risk of obesity, type two diabetes and heart disease

Our bread range starts with the usual Golden and Brown loaves and go into the super healthy range using unusual ingredients like soya, oats, sunflower and even turmeric. Our star is the Original 8 Grain loaf that has won the heart of many to become one of the most popular loaves sold in Kenya today.

We have 3 main categories of bread, which vary in size and flavour; and are available as rolls and buns. See below our range and click through to find out more about each loaf


Savoury Baked Items

A natural progression for our bakery is savoury baked goods; we prepare delicacies from spring rolls and samosas to a variety of pies.  You can get these products in our in-store bakeries and at the major hotels.

Sweet Pleasures

Our indulgent range of sweet offerings have been developed to meet the tastes of the Kenyan market, we offer a vast range of sweet offerings that follow global trends and practices of using traditional recipes.  From cakes and biscuits to muffins and low fat options, we are constantly trying out new things to match the evolving customer needs.


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Our Food & Safety Policy

Committed to providing high quality, healthy product options.

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